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- 30 Sachets (10 day-supply)
Gentle, effective, natural, herbal combination cleanse 
- Five unique formulas to support five elements of cleansing


Allergy Advice | Pregnancy Advice | Gluten Free


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Did You Know?
Our bodies are regularly bombarded with a collection of toxins from a cocktail of chemicals found in our food, food additives, preservatives and even our drinking water. We are also subject to air pollution, chemicals in household products, and sometimes drugs, including drugs used in intensively farmed livestock. Toxins can re-circulate in the body if the eliminatory functions are not working effectively and fat-soluble toxins can be stored in the body for many years.
What are the benefits?
The Healthy Starter Pack+ provides five natural, herbal combination capsules to support five elements of cleansing. This unique combination provides a powerful yet gentle formulation that collectively helps cleanse the body, supporting the natural routes of elimination. This highly effective cleanse is designed to be taken alongside a normal healthy diet. Results will be enhanced if you omit red meat, caffeine and alcohol from your diet during the programme. Drink plenty of water whilst using the programme. The Healthy Starter Pack+ fits in perfectly alongside your normal daily routine, without disrupting your everyday family, work-time, or social schedule, and is conveniently packed in discreet little, single serve sachets. It’s so simple to use. No fasting and no going hungry, just normal healthy foods. and can be used three or four times a year. Each sachet contains one capsule of each of the following formulas: Psyllium Hulls, Digestive Health, Liver Health, Cranberry & Buchu, and HSII.
Suitable for those looking to supplement a healthy balanced diet with a quality assured supplement. Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Always consult your Doctor or Pharmacist before taking food supplements when you are on prescribed medication.
Allergy advice: May cause a reaction in those allergic to inhaled or ingested psyllium.
Note: Not suitable for use during pregnancy, or by those trying to conceive. Not recommended for children.


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