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Our Advisory Board members are united by their passion for quality supplementation to support a healthy lifestyle, and where required, provide counsel to Lily & Loaf on our entire product range, scientific research, product training and supplementation.

These distinguished members of our Advisory Board, have a combined expertise which offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in all matters related to Lily & Loaf products, ingredients, natural health and wellbeing.





Steven Horne is a professional member and past president of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and also a professional member of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA).

Steven is the author of numerous books and courses on natural healing, and as a herbalist, natural health teacher, consultant, and globally renown speaker, his work has taken him all over the world.

Steven is a Teacher of Herbalism, Emotional Healing and Iridology, and has experience as a product formulator for several herb and nutrition companies, and is the founder of Tree of Light Publishing, an educational organisation dedicated to helping people to heal themselves. He is also the founder of the School of Modern Herbal Medicine, and has been providing quality herbal education and holistic healthcare certification for more than twenty years.


Claire runs her own kinesiology clinic and training academy, The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, and has used Nature’s Sunshine Products for over 20 years both personally and professionally.   Claire’s father brought Kinesiology to the UK in 1975, and she has therefore benefitted from good health and nutrition from a young age.

“Kinesiology still amazes me after over 20 years in practice. I so enjoy helping people change their lives for the better whether I am in the clinic one to one, lecturing to a group or teaching a large course."


EMMA ROBERTSON  Functional Nutritionist

Emma’s long standing passion for health and wellbeing drove her to become a Functional Health & Weight Loss Coach and Author. A Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports Nutrition with hands on experience working as a Personal Fitness & Nutrition Consultant laid the foundation for Emma’s further studies into Functional Medicine under some of the most renowned industry professionals.

With an in-depth knowledge in nutrition, lifestyle, fat loss and environmental health issues, including toxicity and stress, Emma dedicates her time and resources into helping others to help themselves.



Dr. William J. Keller is a member of the Nature’s Sunshine Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, and previously served as Vice President of Health Sciences and Educational Services and Chief Scientific Resource Officer at Nature's Sunshine Products.

Dr. Keller's vast experience includes almost 30 years as a professional pharmacist in three different US states and extensive teaching experience at the Schools of Pharmacy at both Samford University and Northeast Louisiana University. He has served as Secretary for the American Society of Pharmacognosy and has been a member of the Board of Trustees for the American Herbal Products Association.

Dr. Keller’s list of service and accomplishments in the field of education and critical scientific review is staggering, and his research has been published over 50 times in prestigious journals including: the Journal of Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Biology, Phytochemistry, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, and many more.



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